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tv   Fox Morning News at 5AM  FOX  September 18, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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talk to us about the office. stay with us. we're just getting started. good morning, everybody. it is 5:00 on this friday. it is not january 5th. it is september 18th. oh, my goodness. it is not a bad start to the day. it is still a little bit damp outside. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. it is friday. tony perkins is with us as always. i don't know if you are going to be working with steve carrell, i used to work in scranton so you're prepared to talk to him. >> that's good. going to be a pretty decent day. we had our clouds yesterday, some of the precipitation. don't think we'll have precipitation today but some of the clouds have lingered and they will into the morning hours. we'll start to see some break
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and get some sunshine working in here later on today and it will be a warmer day than we had yesterday. there is a look at the satellite-radar picture. you do see some of the cloud cover as it comes through early this morning. thank you see any fog this morning? >> yes, i did. patchy fog. >> at least out to the west. we'll check on the other regions as well. 64degrees now here in washington. 80% humidity. winds are out of the south at nine miles per hour. your forecast for today, cloudy this morning to becoming partly sunny later on today. warmer, highs should be in the mid- to upper 70s, maybe even 80-degree in fredericksburg, possible depending on how much sun we're going to get. 78 is what we're looking for in washington. >> thank you. let's say good morning to allison oakley with a look at traffic. >> good morning to you guys. look like that overnight
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construct is gone in time for our friday light. let's hope it will be a friday light and going to look pretty good. we'll go to the maryland beltway. we had construction along the inner loop. this is the out are loop. this is the traffic leaving 270 heading over to the american legion bridge. very light but you are on that uneven pavement still as they continue to work on the construction zone. northbound 95, volume is starting to pick up just a little bit and that construction has been picked up there into lorton too. you are good to go there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. a wild car chase takes police through two states. this is the scene in temple hills, maryland where the chase ended. it started in virginia. virginia state police say a man carjacked a vehicle with a woman still inside. officers went after him. eventually, that chase came to an end here and the man ran off. police are still looking for him. they think he may be armed with
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a gun. the woman wasn't hurt. we are learning more about the death of a burglary suspect in the hands of a johns hopkins student wheeling a samurai sword. suspect is 42-year-old donald rice fresh out of prison. the home owner told police originally that the suspect lunged at him and he struck back. new information reveals that the suspect was in the yard crouched down in the corner when the owner struck him and killed him. >> the simple fact he had a sword and his intent was to kill whatever was back there that he thought may be trying to harm him. if he thought it was something trying to harm him, he we out with the intent to kill whatever it was j he probably just lost control a bit. i can't blame him. he already had two thupgs
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stolen that day. >> reporter: police say the home was burglarized twice in one day. there is new formation about the yale university lab technician now charged in the murder student annie le. 24-year-old ray clark is being described as a rebel and a control freak would viewed the lab as his territory. clark was arrested yesterday. police don't have a motive now largely because clark isn't talking. he is in jail on a $3 million bond. le vanished earlier this month and was found days later stuffed in a wall where she and clark worked. there is grimews out of afghanistan. the department of defense says a soldier from glen burnie, maryland was killed fighting in the war. 29-year-old sacagaweaent first class bradley bowie died when his vehicle was hit by an improvised explosive device.
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first lady michelle obama will now start a push to compliment the president's health care pitch. she will talk with women and families about the health care system and the need for insurance reform. president obama took his health care pitch to the university of maryland. >> health care is about more than the details of a policy. it is about what kind of country yowant to be. young people, it is about what kind of country you want to be. we are the only nation on earth that leaves millions of people without health insurance. >> the president is causele on congress to pass a bill by year's end. in the meantime being several democrats are expressing concern about a new tax proposed by senator max baucus that would apply to high value health insurance policies but some say it would hit too many
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middle class workers. now to the race for governor in virginia. new poll numbers are out following a face-off in mclean. sherry ly is live for us in alexandria with a wrap-up of the debate. >> reporter: good morning. the election essentially begins today in the virginia governor's race because today is the first day that absentee ballots are available. here in alexandria at election headquarters, they already have voting signs up for people who want to vote by absentee ballot. right now, democrat creigh deeds and republican bob mcdonnell are neck and neck in those polls. the latest poll shows mcdon wail two-point lead over deeds but the democrat is closing the gap. just two week ago, mcdonnell led by nine points. yesterday, the two candidates faced off for a debate in mclean. >> in his years in the legislature and as attorney general, never wrote a bill to
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create a job or to expand an educational opportunity. instead, he has been focus on the a narrow band of social issues and the social agenda. >> you know, my opponent voted for 98% of the bills i introduced as attorney general. i hope he will be able to explain which ones he thinks are moving virginibackward. that is what i did as attorney general. that is what i'll to as governor. >> reporter: both candidates all promise not to raise attackand vow to improve traffic. mcdonnell continues to haveto deflect the controversy over his speeches which criticized working women. during the tea bate, he called his daughter the ultimate working woman. deeds was asked about whether opposition to president obama was racially motivated. deeds replied that he hoped that this country was past that but said, quote, clearly, there is a hint of racism in some of the opposition to the president. live?
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alexandria, sherry ly, fox 5 news. coming up next, we are one step closer to learning who will take the seat left vacant by the death of senator ted kennedy, at least in the short term. we'll check headlines. there are new clues at the home of a suspected kidnapper, philip garrido. we'll tell you why investigators will be back out with high tech equipment. south a former high school football coach accused in the heat-related death of a player find out his fate. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home.
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the obama administration is scrapping plans for a missile defense shield based in eastern europe. defense secretary robert gates says it reflect the changing nature of the threat from iran. instead, a system of sensor and interceptor missiles on land and sea and in the air will be a defense. some republicans in congress say they will try to fight the change saying it will endanger the nation's security. the massachusetts house of representatives has approved ala bill allowing the governor to choose a replacement for
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senator ted kennedy. voters will choose a replacement on january 19th. police are hoping bone fragments found in the backyard of philip garrido will be clues in uninvolved kidnappings. credo and his wife nancy are charged with kidnapping jaycee dugard and hope holding her captive for 18 years. similarities between her abduction and two other missing girl cases led police back to the home this week. a former kentucky high school football coach has been aequipmented in the heat related death of a player -- acquitted in the heat related death of a player. he was charged with reckless homicide and wanton endangerment. it took eye jury less than two hours to decide he was not criminally response july. still ahead on fox 5 more than -- responsible. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> now, it is time to buy some
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food. thank you all so much. let's go. >> you just heard the first lady, d.c.'s newest marker's market is open for business now and we'll tax you out there. also coming up being we'll take a look at the weather forecast for today. it is improving. we'll update you on this morning's rush hour traffic. things don't look bad there. we'll have more details in just a few minutes. fox 5 morning news will be right back.
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i'm creigh deeds, candidate for governor and my campaign sponsored this ad. it was a traumatic rescue in largo, maryland. a driver ran down a road and off a steep embankmentied. rescuers helped 59 #-year-old man climb to safety. his minivan went down the hill an stopped just short of a creek. the driver was taken to the hospital as a prlooking video.
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all right. what's up? >> well, let's see. we've got clouds out there this morning. i think we'll see a fair amount of cloud cover during the early part of the day and then we'll see some improving conditions and the weekend looks pretty good. >> sounds great. >> let's start by showing you the current temperatures around the region. 64degrees here in washington. 62degrees in baltimore. dulles airport at 63 degrees. 62 in winchester. before we take this away, the chesapeake bay and the potomac river, we have a coastal flood advisory in effect for those regions until 8:00 p.m. this evening because the easterly flow has allowed water to pool. we are not expecting any additional precipitation but we'll keep our eyes on what is happening with the bay and river. let's look at the sat-rad this morning. we'll have a fair amount of cloud cover during the first half of the day. precipitation-wise, i think we'll be precip free. i think we're done with the rain now for at least a couple
5:18 am
of days and we'll get the clouds out of here later on today and get some sunshine working in. for the weekend, here is how things look. we're between two systems really. high pressure to the north. out to the west, low pressure. between the two, mild and relatively quiet conditions. we'll see our temperatures i think for daytime highs in the 70s. 74 for saturday with a lot of sun. sunday, 73. mo clouds building in in the latter part of sunday. forecast for today look like this. early clouds, afternoon sun, warmer today. yesterday, we only got up to 67 degrees. today, about 78. then for tonight, clear skies and because it will be clear, it wobble quite cool, lows downtown, 60 in in the suburbs
5:19 am
-- it will be quite cool, lows downtown 60s in the suburbs. let's get ahead and travel onto 270 and look at the ride at father hurley boulevard. southbound traffic icking up a little bit but it will be in the manageable column. springfield interchange, plenty of traffic making its way through. all that overnight construction completely gone from the scene. and you are good to go. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. food is fuel and you want to make sure your body is getting the premium grade. there is now a new farmer's market offering fresh and local foods in the middle of downtown d.c. >> it opened along the 800 block of vermont avenue not very far from the white house and as beth parker shows us, the first lady is one of its biggest supporters. >> let's go. >> reporter: you might call
5:20 am
that the dinner bell. what is for dinner? fruits and vegetables. >> i've learned that when my family eats fresh food, healthy food that it really affects how we feel, how we get through the day and that is whether we're trying to get through math homework or there is a cabinet meeting or whether we're just walking the dog. the kind of food that we put into our body gives us the energy to get through the day. >> reporter: earlier this year, obama started a gaferd ontario white house lawn. this farmer's market is an outgrowth of that. >> when i travelaround the world, no matter where you've gone so far, the first thing world leaders, prime ministers, kings, queens ask me about is the white house garden. and then they ask about bo. >> reporter: it is talked about around the world but the impact is very local. how far are we from your office?
5:21 am
>> one block. it cuts out the middle person. so it is coming from the garden straight to my table which i prefer anyway. squash, i hope to find some okra, some onions and little tomatoes. >> we have to support local farmers and do what we can to make this a better place. i think today is a prime example especially with the rain and the place is packed. >> reporter: secretary of agriculture tom vilsack says the administering is starting a new education program called know your farmer, know your food >> the trutit is that every single american family needs a farmer. >> that includes the first family. if you like what you see here, come on down. the farmer's market will continue every thursday through the end of october. in downtown washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> thank you. for more information on the farmer's market and others in our area, go to we put them under web links. a lesson at the white house all over a sneeze.
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hear who caught the attention of thheal and human services secretary. >> lecture time. a new way to honor fallen sog answers names and photos. you are watching fox 5 morning news where it is 5:22. pillsbury crescent rolls, so warm, light, flaky...
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you'll never have to call them to the dinner table twice "but it looks pretty nasty outside" (announcer) grands at only $0.25 a biscuit you'll find any excuse to eat in you've been to the vietnam veterans memorial wall, you've seep the more than # 8,000 names. each name comes with a story. now, nearly 0 years after the wall was built, founders are
5:25 am
taking on a monumental task trying to collect the photos of every person listed. sherry ly has details. >> reporter: each name on the wall has a story. until now, the only thing missing has been a picture. lieutenant colonel anthony shine's name is on the wall. but for his daughter think colleen shine, he was much more. she brought his picture to kick off the campaign to put a face to the names on the wall. >> these are real men who are missed and loved and remembered, not just tragic statistics of the war gone by. >> the purpose is to collect photographs from throughout the united states of each person who gave his or her life during the vietnam war. >> reporter: the photos will be part a virtual wall at the education cent forth wall. the85million-dollar underground center will be built on the
5:26 am
national mall. two student from lewis ton, michigan raised more than $1,400 for the new center. they came way photo of their home found hero. >> you can research that picture and the name together and can you find so many stories. >> reporter: fedex is opening up its 1600 office stores across the country to scan photos for the project. >> and together, the 58,261 photos will serve as a lasting reminder of the personal cost nd the priceless value of our freedom. >> reporter: michael gormley ache vietnam veteran from kansas city just met corporal larry kill gore's family saturday and hand carried his pictures to d.c. >> he was only 20 years old when he pass wade, when he was killed in vietnam. he was a typical high school student. >> reporter: each photo creates a lasting memory of a war long over but not forgten. colleen shine still remembers the day her father left.
5:27 am
in the photo, he is holding a hell mai. villager later returned that helmet to her when they found his remains in vietnam. the vietnam veterans memorial day fundopes to break ground on the education center in 011. when it is done, each of these veterans' photos will appear on their birthday n northwest, sherry ly, fox 5 news. if have a picture of somebody on the wall and you would like to submit it, go to our web site, and click on web links. it looks like the race for virginia governor will come down to the wire. up next, the latest on new poll numbers that are very close as democrat creigh deeds and republican bob mcdonnell square off in a local debate. we'll talk about that coming up.
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welcome back at 5:30. taking a look at the 14th street bridge. good news if you are on your way to work right now, you will have no problem getting there. we'll check in with allison oakley in a bit. 64degrees right now. good start for a friday. >> absolutely. crank up the tunes on the ipod and go for it. >> steve has started something. we won't get into it right now. >> the most embarrassing song on your ipod. >> if we ever lose a segment where one of our guests doesn't show up, that is what we should talk about. >> muse craft susie.
5:31 am
>> that is the worst song. terrible record. now, i'm he going to hear about that. >> all the muskrats will be sending e-mail ipersonally don't line it but it was a hit -- i personal hi don't like it but it was a hit -- i personally don't like it but it was a hit. later, i think we'll have some clouds breaking out. we topped out in the upper 1r0 yesterday. our temperatures will be higher today. take a look at the airport temperatures. 64 at reagan national. # 3 at dulles international and 62 at bw incident marshall. here is your forecast for today. early clouds, afternoon sun, warmer today. high about 78 degrees. there you go. >> sounds marvelous. >> not bad. >> let's check in with allison oakley and see how the friday commute is going so far. >> i do own captain and ten
5:32 am
eel's greatest hits. >> some of their hits are okay. >> the most embarrassing part was i had to go in a rental car and i took it with me and i left it in the rental car. i can be a closet fan. i just don't need to be leaving it. >> did they call you and say can you come get this, please. >> they thought i was completely crazy. no, they did not. we do have a pretty serious accident. a medevac helicopter is on the way. let's slide over to 66. you can see the volume coming out of mannance as this morning, not exactly light for this friday. plenty of traffic northbound on 95 through lorton. we'll watch it because normally we get that little bit heavier traffic first thing and then it spreads out. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you. a carjacking and abduction sets police off on a why would
5:33 am
chase through two states. this is where the chase ended in temple hills, maryland. it started in virginia. virginia state police say a man carjacked a vehicle with a woman still inside. police caught up with him and the pursuit started. that chase came to an end here and the man ran off. he is still on the run. police think he may be arm wade gun. the woman was not hurt. prosecutors are deciding whether to charge a johns hopkins university student accused of killing a burglary suspect with a samurai sword. police say 20-year-old john pontolillo went looking for the intruder. >> donald rice had a long criminal history of thefts. rice's family believes the owner should be charged. the search is on for suspects following a frightening home invasion in fairfax county where police say as many as five masked men wearing fbi baseball caps broke
5:34 am
into a house in broad daylight and tied up the people inside. a 28-year-old man was injured. he was beaten but did not require medical treatment. a 52-year-old woman and nine- month-old baby were not hurt. police would not say what if anything the masked men took from the house. police did eventually pull over several suspicious vehicles after the attack but the suspects are still on the loose. police are hoping to get a motive in the murder of a yale student, annie le. they arrested raymond clark after tracing his dna tothe scene. he is not talking to police. le's body was found on sunday, the same day she was supposed to get married. the first lady is joining in the health care battle. at the white house stud, she is going to talk with women and financial liz about the health care system and the need for insurance reform. >> in the meantime, president obama takes his pitch to college park where he spoke to
5:35 am
thousands of students at the university of maryland telling them he is working to not only clean up the problems his administration inherited but to build a better future. not effect was glad to see the president though. moved by police during the speech after shouting liar at the president outside a small group of protesters asked out skits of what they say would be the death panels. >> it will be against the law for insurance companies to drop your coverage when you get sick. water it down when you need it the most. >> he has promiseed a lot of things and it sounds great but i think people are taking him at his record too much to ask that question how are you going to do this? >> reporter: the former governor bob ehrlich issued a prebuttal, talking out before the speech. he says the reason mr. obama is making these appearances is that he has not rallied large numbe of people behind his
5:36 am
health care plan and has to play -- placate others. >> reporter: good morning. the debate comes at a critical time in the virginia governor's race because today virginiaians can begin casting their absentee ballots for the governor's race. now, take a look here at alexandria's election headquarters. you can see they have voting signs up for for people would want to vote absentee. right now the race between creigh deeds and bob mcdonnell is a dead he. the latest poll shows deeds un. ing closer to mcdonnell who now holds a slim two-point lead. just weeks ago, the republican led the democrat by nine points. the two candidates went toe to toe yesterday during a debate in mclean. >> in his years in the legislature and as attorney general, never wrote a bill to eate a job or to expand an educational opportunity.
5:37 am
instead, has been focused on a narrow band of social issues. >> my opponent voted for 98% of the bills i introduced as attorney general. i hope he will be able to explain which ones he thinks re moving virginia backwards because that is what i did as attorney general, create a bipartisan set of solution to solve problems. >> reporter: both candidates promised not to raise taxes and vow to improve traffic and for the first time, president obama became part of the debate in the virginia governor's race. deeds asked whether opposition to obama was racially motivated said quote, clearly there is a hint of racism. now, mcdonnell did not face the same question but he also continues to dodge and deflect criticism over his thesis which criticized working women, gays and feminists. republican also strongly criticized obama's energy bill which he has tried to link to his democratic opponent. absentee ballot -- voting can begin today and folks will
5:38 am
likely be ut here. we're live in alexandria, sherry ly, fox 5 news. >> thank you. americans have been outraged over huge wall street paychecks in light of the financial collapse and recession. coming up next, the feds' new plan to curb the compensation. so much for a tough housing market. it didn't take long for bernie madoff's beach house to sell for top dollar.
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5:41 am
making headlines this morning. there are new developments in the swine flu situation. president obama says the united states will share 10% of its h1n1 vaccine supply with other countries. the white house says that move is going to help fight the global spread of swine flu. the united states is working with australia, brazil, france, italy, new england, norway and the unite kingdom to share vaccines. the community organization acorning under fire again and now the house has denied it federal funding following a string of hidden camera videos. the latest appears to show workers giving advice to a couple posing as pimp and prostitute on how to smuggle underaged girl into his the country for prostitution. the videos were shot by conservative activists in california, new york, palmetto and here in d.c. acorn's ceo condemns the house decision saying the organization has been the target for years of political assault from conservatives. the federal reserve wants to call the shots en it comes to wall street paychecks. the "wall street journal" is reporting today that the fed wants to police the pay for
5:42 am
tens of thousands of workers from chief executives down to loan officers. under a plan which does not need approval from congress, the fed could reject compensation policies this it believes encourage work toes take too much risk. it was sold to the highest bidder after just over two weeks on the market. ponzy schemer bernie madoff's long island beach house is under contract now selling for more than the $8.75 million asking price. the 3,000 square-foot property is locationed on a beach near the hamptons. the proceeds will go to victims of madoff's massive investment seem. he was sentenced to 150 years in june. what is the proper way to cover your mouth when you sneeze. coming up next a lesson in hygiene during a white house press briefing. we'll let you know who caught the wrath of one top official. this letter offering to lower your mortgage payments could hands you in a real mess. we have details of in scam that you need to watch out. for. we'll take a look at the weekend weather. tony says it will be an
5:43 am
improving situation for us. that is good news. we're coming back right after the break. (announcer) whathe world needs now is energy.
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wear back with hygiene 101 for report everys covering the swine flu. >> during a briefing by health
5:46 am
and human services secretary cooght lean sebelius, one reporter sneezed into his hand. -- kathleen sebelius, one reporter sneezed into his hand. >> i mean what is that about? who's got some purell. give that to mr. todd right away. a little hand sanitizer. good. we'll have elmo give chuck a special briefing. >> in case you didn't catch the elmo joke, the sesame street character recently teamed up with the psa on getting proper hygiene. >> before we go to weather, got to mention we keep talking about how newspapers ever dying and tv is changing. soap operas too. guiding light has been on the air since 1952. been on the radio even earlier
5:47 am
than that. i think 37 mayb today is the last episode. >> that is rather amazing. >> i mean 72 years of broadcasting aradio and tv. >> i have to admit i am a guiding light fan. >> are you really? >> going to have to change your routine on monday. >> i haven't watched it in a while with two biakabatukaies at home. think how many generations could watch it together. >> i remember when i was a id, my mom used to watch. because there were soaps on cbs and on nbc, one of the other channels, i forget which one. she was a cbs soap watcher. >> you watch them straight through. >> as the world turns. >> aren't most of them gone now? >> most of them. i just want to know if josh an riva are going to get together in the end. >> i'll found out today. knowing that, there will be a wedding is a funeral and a couple of evil twins. if you are getting the kids ready for school this morning,
5:48 am
let's take a look at the bus stop forecast. i think it is a better one than we've had during the last couple of days. we do have cloudery skies. temperatures are in the 60s as they have been for the other mornings this week. but it is not wet this morning. so you don't have to worry about that as you get the kids ready for school. sunrise is at 6:52. current temperatures around the region, 64 degrees here. 63 at dulles. 62 in winchester. dover, delaware is at 59 degrees. owe someone city at a reasonable 60 degrees. -- ocean city at a reasonable 60 degrees. how about that? quite the special effect there, tucker. we've got clouds in over us this morning. rainfall we'll out to the south and west. we are not expecting that to make its way in here but we will have the clouds with us for a part of date today before we get sunshine hopefully breaking out and improving the situation. here is what is going on.
5:49 am
first of all, for today, i mentioned the clouds. another cold front. that will be coming through our region not until late today. this one comes from the north and you will know it is coming through because our temperatures will start to drop. it will be quite cool tonight and you will get that northerly wind coming through and behind that, high pressure settles in for the weekend. so here is the forecast for today. early clouds, afternoon sun. warmer today than it was yesterday. 78degrees for your high. that is just about normal. 799 normal high for today. tomorrow looks great. low humidity, comfortable, 74 degrees. some people say that is a little cool but i think it will be fine. sunday, the change is more clouds begin to build in as the afternoon progresses. i think if there is any rain, it holds off until the nighttime hours. that is what i believe now. monday, tuesday, both have a chance of rain. highs in the mid- to upper 70s. that is the latest on the weather. now, let's get to allison oakley for a look at traffic. >> thank you. we have a medevac situation inual dworve at 228 at the
5:50 am
western freeway. look out for for police direction. it looks like just the right turn lane is clocked. --n waldorf at 228 at the western freeway. home owners continue to be prime targets for scam artists. the federal trade commission is now taking action against those accused of conning home owners out of what little cash they had left. melanie alnwick with more on this consumer alert. >> reporter: this envelope certainly looks official. >> very government official looking government seal. it also has a washington, d.c. address. >> reporter: the letter inside tells distressed home opener that attorneys at the nation's house ago fordable mortgage program can low are their payments for a fee. >> and then they take the money but they don't do what they promise. >> reporter: the price? $3,000 paid to the capitohill office at 611 pennsylvania avenue southeast, number 393. it is on capitol hill all right
5:51 am
but it is just a rented mill box in this ups store. riley dole an, assistant director for financial practices at the federal trade commission, sayses that not a surprise. >> a lot of these companies are trying to lead people to believe they are part of the official administering program. >> reporr: the federal trade commission has filed a formal complaint against the company for misrepresenting itself as a government agency. they face new charges of false claims. the ftc has filed 2 # cases against these types of companies since the housing crisis began. >> if the company is asking for an advance fee, if it is guaranteeing you that it will be able to modify your loan and if it is telling you don't pay them, pay us, it is not likely to be a legitimate enterprise. the ftc advises home own ares to work with hud certified counselors. if you've been victimized, you
5:52 am
should file a complaint with the ftc. it is not even basketball seen yet but gilbert arenas is back on the court and fired up. the man they call agent zero is taking verbal shots at his own team. we'll hear why he is ripping into the wizards. and the redskin are ready for their home opener against the rams. the key to victory, stopping steve an jackson. you are watching fox 5 morning news
5:53 am
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time to forget about the loss to the giants. let's move on to the rams. now, they are calling haynesworth one of the best defensive tackles in the league. steven jackson one of the keys to the game against the rams. he catches the ball pretty well and has the utmost respect of skins' defensive coordinator. >> one of the best backs in the business. the guy at minnesota is off the chart but i put jackson just right underneath that. he is big, strong, fast. he can go the distance any time he touches the football. he can catch passes out of the backfield. i think this guy is a home run hitting type back. >> sunday line-up right now here on fox 5. your geico redskin pregame starts at
5:56 am
11:30. then the rams and redskins at 1:00. redskins post game polls the game with geico sports extra at 11:10. got you all day on sunday. college ball now, howard and kerry bailey on the road against florida a & m. this one not close though. rattlers build a 24-0 lead and went on to coast to victory 48- 10. howard 0-2 on the young season. the nba season will be here before we know it and by allths, agent zero is back, lean, mean and explosive once fwep on and off the court. the all-starred guard has played in just 15 games the past two years because of knee injuries. this summer, he worked out in chicago with michael jordan's former trainer, tim grover. arenas told "the washington times" grover saved his career but he wasn't as complimentary about his team. he told the paper the wizards gave him too much leeway in regard to his caiveg saying if i am saying i feel good and you know it is supposed to take six months, instead of letting me
5:57 am
at four months run, they should have held me back rather than to say let's let this guy do what you wants and use him to sell tickets. sometimes you have to protect players from themselves. i don't feel like a got that protection. first, the pre's health care speech and and then the floor was transformed quickly into the mystic home court if a wnba playoff game. the mystics fell to the fever 88-79. game two is tomorrow in under independent. don't forget on -- to vote for friday's high school football game of the week, these are the match-ups. you can log onto and you can already start to get your votes in for next friday. couple of minutes in front. 6:00 now. straight ahead, why you may want to check your car's floor mats before you leave to work today. also, we're checking your friday morning commute and weekend forecast as fox 5 morning news continues at 6:00 in just two minutes. we'll see you then. ♪
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